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Glam Saving: Savvyscents Wallet....

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I'm always a budgeting mess of receipts, coupons, discounts cards, and lists. I needed some to get it all in order and that's when Savvyscents Wallet came in right on time....literally, my handbag was filled to brim with coupon chaos!

The Savvycents wallet is not only functional but also fashionable. It contains everything you need to organize your monthly or weekly budget using a cash system. 
With an accordion style file system inside the wallet you can separate money, coupons, receipts or store discount cards by categories. 
Your wallet comes with file cards where you can label each category with our pre-printed labels. There are also blank labels where you can customize your wallet based on your personal categories. 
You no longer have to carry envelopes or zip lock bags to separate your money and coupons. Your change will fit nicely in a coin pocket located on the backside of the wallet. 
It also has 6 pockets for debit cards and store discount cards. On the opposite side there is a place for your driver’s license and a place for your checkbook. 
Wallet is 8” x 4”

Here's a picture of my Savvyscents wallet with all my stuff.

-Holds everything you need to stay budget conscious. Has a compartment for absolutely everything and everything is one place.FINALLY. lol!

-The color ( Pink) was easily to find in my huge bag. I normally do that, buy a bright colored wallet so I can find it in my handbag.

-Perfect for lite coupon clippers or someone like me who diligently collects beauty coupons and has a ton of  discount cards. I love knowing that the Savvyscents wallet was my "Beauty" wallet!

-If you are a heavy coupon clipper, this might not be the best option. I found that even with the couple of coupons I had in it, it was jumbled and bit unorganized even with the labels. If you are a heavy coupon clipper, stick to your method whether its the binder or folder method and use the  Savvyscents wallet for small trips to the store where you have a list and you need just a couple of your coupons.

-The soft material on the outside of the wallet takes a serious beating. Its pretty and classy but  it  gets beaten up quickly.

Since I didn't care for how it held my coupons, I used the coupon pockets to store receipts. This would be excellent for the upcoming Holiday season when receipts are of the abundance!!

My Savvyscents wallet in Pink!

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Atiyah on 1:55 PM said...

I like the idea they just need to add more coupon pockets. I would love to have everything in one place like that.