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Clothed and Dressed In My Right Mind.....Salvation Army and Almost Pink Haul....

Monday, January 17, 2011

 I'm not buying anymore Winter clothes...I'm done. I'm preparing for summer ( we have no spring in these Southern parts) and I have one goal in mind....

No new stuff.

Can't afford it. I plan on moving, sending my kids to summer camp, oh and buying them new stuff for summer clothes so I will not waste it on me. I think I can do it. All my summer stuff will be Goodwill, Salvation Army, Ebay, gently used, consignment, nothing I bought new off a rack. I got burned last year, bought all these cheap pieces from Wal Mart and Target only for half if to be threadbare by the end of the summer. Plus, I'm in the middle of a "lifestyle" change aka diet and I'm losing weight ( currently 8lbs down since December 30th O_O).

I stopped by the town Salvation Army and picked up couple of things. Normally this place sucks but every once and while you can luck up.

Shoes- brand new from Cato

 Yellow Bag- no label BUT I owned this same back in 2005 in pink and I got it from It's Fashion.
 Bag- Justice. lol. When I saw that label I was like, "Oh boy..." but I got it anyway for it casual look. I haven't bought a new bag since this summer when I won a GC to Target.  Can you believe that?
Lastly, I stopped to chat with my friend Ms. Sherri at her shop,Almost Pink and picked up these earrings for $1...the bottom leaf ones were $5.