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Dollar Tree & "Dollar Star" Haul...

Thursday, February 17, 2011

I got out and about yesterday in Spartanburg. I need a mini, itty bitty "get way" from the hustle and bustle of my small town.

I stopped by my favorite Dollar Tree. Its located on E. Main St in Spartanburg and has the best beauty section. The key is to catch it the day of or the day after it has been stocked. Somebody in that city thinks just like me because, if you mess around and go on the wrong day, there is nothing left!

I hit the jackpot today!!

 Am I the only one loving the revival of discontinued drugstore products at the Dollar Tree??!!

They are bringing back so many memories. Plus they are in AMAZING shape and quality!

Cover Girl Wet Slicks and Nail Slicks polish duos....I got the one with the Frostslicks because I saw it on Nouveau Cheap.:)

L'Oreal  Lip Glosse' in Caramel Cruise. I don't remember these. :( But, I'm going back for more.
I thought I owned most of the Colour Juices...seriously I have like 50 of them....I started collecting them in '04.But these didnt seem familiar. Turns out I dont have these.  They also had some CJs from that L'Oreal collection that they did with Beyonce for the movie Pink Panther. That's like 2005 old. Those CJs are called Panther Pink.
Pretty nude shade from Maybelline...I'm into nudes for some reason...Could it be spring approaching?
Now, this is a fairly new mascara from Almay. I actually owned this and I liked it alot but the retail on it was about $7.99. They had a wall full for a $1.
I grabbed the one and only lone e.l.f. polish there. There must have been more. See what being late will get you? lol!

This small haul is from a place called Dollar Star. Its one those independent dollar stores that have all kinds of stuff and different prices. I prefer these over the Dollar Tree chains, real talk.

Grabbed this Sinful Colors polish, Jessie's Girl loose powder and Wet N' Wild brow kit for .99 a piece. I never have enough time to scour that store. I'm going carve out some time to really dig in there soon.