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Jamie's Weight Loss Diaries.... #6 Weigh In

Friday, February 18, 2011

***Thursday is Weigh In Day...I weigh myself ONCE a week. I can't jump on the scale every day, all times of the day, when I feel fat, before a date....too much on my medicated brain. lol! Once a week is good for me. I'm a born again scale person. I'm  just now embracing the scale. I avoid it all thru my teens and twenties....***

February 17, 2011

+3 lbs

Up to 226lbs

(13 lbs lost since 12/30/2010)

You read that correct. I gained 3 lbs.

And I have a laundry list on how it happened. It all started when I missed a couple of days journaling my food in the my food journal.

-Then I had the weekend from hell. A fallout with my parental unit and a sick child who was two hours away from mewrecked my appetite.

-Two words: Valentine's Day. smh. That was the Ice Cream mishap day.

-The day after V- Day I ate out TWICE. One of those times was a Chinese Buffet that didnt go too great.

-I worked out only twice.

And I gained 3lbs back.

I was completely devastated but I've been through worse in life so I used Thursday to bounce back to journaling, better food choices and I've worked out twice since yesterday already. I'm determined to get the weight off and set backs will always come and go. That's life.

Did my mid-week grocery run yesterday and picked up my food for the weekend too. I've also figured out another weak point in my eating habits I'm going to have to work on...My mother's Sunday afternoon dinner. This past Sunday, she made Chicken Tetrazinni and I ate it a total of THREE times. I'm a bit surprised about my 3lb gain now. lol!

Getting this first 40 off and going to tougher than I ever imagine and keeping it off is going to be the fight of my life.