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FOTD: Wet N' Wild ColorIcon Trio in I'm Getting Sunburned....

Friday, February 11, 2011

 Truth is....Wet N' Wild ColorIcon Trio is I'm Getting NOT my favorite.

Yes...I'm starting off on the negative. lol. Now, let me tell you, first look at I'm Getting Sunburned and you think that the three colors selected for the palette are a fantastic combination. Who would think to put a  deep copper, a lavender pink and red-gold brown in one palette, right?!?!

 I really need to exfoilate...again:(

The lavender pink browbone shade applied a frosty lavender on me. And like the other trios I've reviewed, highly pigmented, hell to blend.
 The copper shade is a bit weak. I used the copper in the crease and above it. blah....
 The deep red-gold is packs alot of color...almost too much....too much on the brush and you've got a mess.

Maybe I'll play with it again. Silent Treatment was like that.

Hair of the Day...turned out to be Bad hair of the Day.:( I need some new wigs, stat.


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