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Fresh Coat: Vintage Revlon Top Speeds and an NOTD.....

Monday, March 14, 2011

Happy Monday and I hope everyone had a splendid weekend:)

About a month ago, I came across this collection of "vintage" Revlon Top Speed Polish at Ross for $5.99 for all five. I thought the colors were beautiful wearable neutrals and cremes and decided to pick it up! Now, they are old but the consistency and formula were fresh as if they had never been opened.

Here I'm wearing  Revlon Winey. It dried just as quick as the new ones, but I only needed two coats with this one. I own three of the new Top Speeds and I find that two out of that three, I need three coats.

One other thing I noticed....This color turned my nails yellow! Even with a base coat and ridge filler, they turned a really, REALLY bright yellow. I have never had that to happen in recent years, definitely happened back in the day. I'm assuming it was the formula from back in the day.:) It took weeks for my nails to come back to their natural color.


Savannah on 10:38 PM said...

Other than the the turning the nails yellow, I like this color a lot!


Jamie @ Rural Glamour on 6:50 PM said...