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Jamie's Weight Loss Diaries....#11 Weigh In....

Sunday, March 27, 2011

***Thursday is Weigh In Day...I weigh myself ONCE a week. I can't jump on the scale every day, all times of the day, when I feel fat, before a date....too much on my medicated brain. lol! Once a week is good for me. I'm a born again scale person. I'm just now embracing the scale. I avoid it all thru my teens and twenties....***

March 24, 2011

0 lbs

Down to 221 lbs

(18 lbs lost since 12/30/2010)

I lost no weight this week but I've gain is good and no loss is good too!

Nothing special to quibble about other than  my time of the month is here and my appetite is all over the place.

I'm ready for summer vegetables and fruit....strawberries, cantaloupe, grilled food....yummmm!!!

Re-joining the Y since they are waiving the joiner's fee and my cousin is going to help me become addicted to working out! So she says!!

I need some new lunch ideas....leave what healthy under 500 calorie lunches you like in the comment box!!