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Making Jewelry from PS I Made This!!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

 I ordered this used copy of PS I Made This off Amazon for less than $3. I'm huge fan of the site and I love to want and wish I could make jewelry! lol! Makes no sense. I want to be crafty!!!

 I saw the author, Erica Domesek, make this same necklace on some talk show. Its cute and concept is simple. I would like to make a more sophicated designed one with different colored pantyhose and cylinders. I'm going hunt around for something different.

 Here are the instructions. I could not find bigger balls. Matter of fact, I knew where  I could find them, but I wasn't in a Wal-Mart mood so I went to the local dollar store....
 Bought what I could find....
Made the necklace!!! I like it, but I can't help to think, I'm wearing bouncy balls and pantyhose around my neck. LOL!


Micki on 1:18 PM said...

Um....You know that I am your play cousin. Right? RIGHT?!?

Girl, you know that I have jokes for days? Right? RIGHT?!?