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Old School: Caboodles Nail Paint....

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

 While grocery shopping at a local grocery store called "Jimmy's Fresh Air Galaxy", I spotted a table of 5 for $1 makeup goodies that included some Caboodles makeup and these Nail Paints they used to sell.

Do you remember Caboodles Makeup Line? I do. It was cute and it had lots of sparkly stuff, powders and body gels. So, I dating these stuff back to at least, the early 2000s.
 Some of the polish had name stickers and some did not. But each formula was in great shape, smooth consistency, no thickness, or chunkyness. I remember owning a couple of these but I dont remember the colors I had.

I'm completely obsessed with beauty products but WAAYYYY more obsessed with discontinued products...oh and polish. lol! I'm surprised I haven't seen any polish heads NOTD this. Plus, I just searched and saw on Ebay someone selling these $10 a pop! What??!?!


Deez Nailz ~ where the CANADIAN Bloggers at ? on 5:34 PM said...

so are you saying that these were 5 for $1!

* screams!!!!! *

Even for $1 each that is soooooo awesome, I love old discontinued polish.

what a score!