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~Adorn'd~ Almost Pink $1 Jewelry Haul....

Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day Everyone!

I stopped into one of my favorite stores in my hometown, Almost Pink, to troll around. They have some amazing $1 jewelry...but you have catch it at the right time. She also sells other amazing things like clothes, shoes, handbags. Check them out here on Facebook!

Ammmmaaazing printed bracelets! $1 a piece. When I got home, I though I should've gotten some of the other prints to mix and match. I'm trying to think outside of the box a bit these days. When did I become so super safe with fashion? *shrugs*
Love this big ol' ring....
Ya'll know...I love heart jewelry....
Thought these wear a great pair of dressy earrings for a $1. When I shop for $1 jewelry, I always look for as much quality as a can.
Pretty periwinkle blue earrings with the burnished silver...they came in alot of colors...
I'm addicted to feather earrings...but I'm not spending $20 for some. #noshade
When I saw these, I thought these looked like earrings that alot of the handmade jewelry designers do. I couldn't believe they were a $1.
I like the print...I have some plain silver one like this but I paid waaayyy more than a $1 for them.
Playing it safe...I only got these earrings in black...Can't believe these were a $1 either. smh
The owner said these earrings were the third time they have gotten them in because they always sell out.
I love the charms on these but not the chain. Switch up time!!

Love these simple necklaces...I'm wearing black one now with a pair of simple hoops...perfect match!


yummy411 on 1:30 AM said...

love love love those disc shaped earrings! i see why they sale out.. get a few pair and do a blog sale or give a way... pleeaasee! :D

Anonymous said...

Same here, the disc earrings is popping. I wish I can find something like some of the jewelry you scored for that price.

Jamie @ Rural Glamour on 8:45 PM said...

THanks ladies!! I'm going to stop by the store tomorrow and see if there any left. lol