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~Fresh Coat~ Ruby Kisses Nail Polish Haul + Swatches

Friday, June 03, 2011

 Hey Everyone!

I stopped into one of the BSS' in town to "browse"( aka buy cheap stuff) and picked up some the newly packaged Ruby Kisses Nail Polish. Some of them are also new colors. Check it out!

From the left:

Tropical Green
Barbie Purple
"Look At Me" Purple 
Ruby Slippers (????? ok?)
 I swatched them out on a nail wheel in the same order. Look At Me Purple dries matte and required three coats. The other colors are two coats. Ruby Slippers is very different from China Glaze Ruby Slippers. Its more of a jelly consistency and the glitter is more fuchsia and red. Plus is the base polish of Ruby Slippers is like a Violet Red than a true red. But its more opaque than ChG's one...that's only two coats of Ruby Kisses Ruby Slippers. Let me know if anyone wants a side by side comparison of the two. I think I still own ChG Ruby Slippers.

What do you think of the shades?


Kristie on 12:42 PM said...

The shades are super vibrant. I don't think I've seen the brand before. Thanks for the swatches.

♥ Ms. Kendall ♥ on 7:50 PM said...

So pretty!!!

Jamie @ Rural Glamour on 10:22 PM said...

Kristie- no problem!
MsKendall- I agree!