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~Adorn'd~ Introducing....Fulle Cirkle

Tuesday, July 12, 2011 we go.

Here it newest venture called Fulle Cirkle...a collection of basic, simple sexy hoops with a bit of adornment. I love them....I made these a couple of weeks ago and every time I put one of the pair on....I fell adorned, pretty, finished..... I'm so full introducing this small collection to everyone. I plan on listing them on Etsy Friday, July 14, 2011 at $10.00 a pair plus shipping and handling.

I call this collection....Primary. A set of silver tone and and a set of gold tone hanging hoops. I'm only doing two pair right now....just to see what happens.



Each pair measures at a diameter of 2 7/8 inches...hanging at 3 1/4 inches.

Tell me what you think. Tell me if you wanna pre ordered a pair (lol)....


Ana on 10:36 PM said...

Ooooh....sign me up for a gold pair! Great design.

Taka on 9:55 AM said...

they're gorgeous! I'm a frugal girl, so tell me, using a restaurant scale are they going to be in the $ or $$ price range? lol

Jamie @ Rural Glamour on 11:42 AM said...

Thanks Ana!
Taka- thanks! They will only $10 a pair:)

FROM THE "REZ" TO THE "CITY" on 2:19 PM said...

Those are super cute girl! I love me a night pair of hoops for everyday! Kiah

Jamie @ Rural Glamour on 10:54 PM said...

Thanks Kiah!!! can now purchase the earrings click here:

or click on one of those photos in the left side bar.