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~Haul~ $1 Goody Accessories @ Walgreens for Natural Hair...

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Most Walgreens stores in my area ( Upstate South Carolina) have these huge bins of great Goody hair accessories from little girls to dressy rhinestone pieces to everyday pieces. I got all these pieces for a $1 and use a $3 Register Reward, so the total of this haul was $3!!!

I see alot of these same hair accessories in places like Big Lots for $2,$3,$4... Plus those Ouchless Flex bands (left the headbands in the picture) are sold on a popular natural hair accessory site for three times as much.

I struggle with wearing hair accessories because I always think they back date me....make me look younger, too young....Maybe I should do a Hair Accessory Challenge to break those!

Have you ever seen these $1 Goody bins at Walgreens?


Dr. Reginia on 12:04 AM said...

I've seen them in CVS. I don't go to Walgreens as much though I like them better than CVS.

The only hair accessory that I use are the Ouchless Bands (which aren't so ouchless) when I pull my hair in a puffy bun.

Jamie @ Rural Glamour on 12:17 AM said...

Yeah, these are not the higher end ones at CVS, Walmart, or Target but if you looking for a deal and something cute, Walgreens bins are great.

Those Ouchless bands are not Ouchless are they? lol! You are so right about that!;/

K&T Makeup Artistry on 11:09 PM said...

I need to be on the lookout for these bins because hair accessories can be super pricey!

Jamie @ Rural Glamour on 11:36 PM said...

Exactly! That's why I was so accessories can be expensive.