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~Rural Style~ 2012 Spring/Summer New York Fashion Week Goodness....

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Whilst I sit in Nowheresville SC drooling over the coverage in NY about 2012 Spring/Summer Fashion Week on twitter, I notice this year its super viral with my entire timeline( almost) tweeting, linking, vlogging about everything thats going on! I speak it into existence, that I WILL be there soon...its on the bucket list.:)

I came across to great videos on the IFB Conference and NYC Fashion's Night Out.....

First up in Wing( Diva Makeup Queen) coverage on her night out...really cute and put together well!!

Then there is Monroe Steele of Fashion Steele who is blogging all the way thru the IFB Conference and different shows. She also has a Part1,2,3 on how to get into Fashion Week shows and events as a blogger that are amazing...check out this super fashionable wrap up of the IFB Conference!