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~Fresh Coat~ JulieG Jessie's Girl Nail Polish...

Friday, September 09, 2011

First I want to say....Yay for JulieG! I really like her on You Tube...she has great videos and I enjoy watching her. She's also a polish addict so I love that she was able to do a polish collection from an affordable brand. I think that what was missing from MAC Blogger's Obesession...a polish or two. Anyway, I was excited to bump into the collection on yesterday. I only got two colors: Fashion Friday and Beauty Guru. shade....I kind of snickered and side eyed when she named one of the color Beauty Guru...seriously... lol

( left to right) Fashion Friday and Beauty Guru. Two coats on each swatch...they seem very opaque which is a good thing. The other colors I gave a pass too because I thought they were a bit done. I'm like that though, I don't like the same color of polish done by different companies. For example, I own like one red polish ( NARS Jungle Red) because its my perfect red...I don't need twenty variations of that same polish, unless it was laced in duochrome glitter.:) lol!

What do you think? Have you all saw these JulieG polishes yet?

Here's the video of her swatches and talking about the whole collection..flawless summary of each color.