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~Challenge~ The 60-day No Buy.....

Friday, January 06, 2012


Thanks to my sista cuzin/cuzin sista and fellow blogger Micki ingenious idea to go on a 60-day no buy, I'm now on a No- buy.

I always thought, "Why should I be on no-buy, I'm always on a no-buy, realistically", but truth is I NEED to do this  to stop buying crazy amounts of cheap makeup, thrifted clothes I will not wear, low quality clothes, fattening  fast food ( I've gained 7 lbs:/ ). Don't get me wrong, I love a bargain, but with all the cheap makeup I buy I could save up for something quality I really want. I got palettes and palettes of eyeshadow, $2, $1 shadow I've never worn...that's the same thing as wasting money on a $30 palette and never wearing it.

So here's what I'm going to do:

-No Makeup
-No Thrifting
-No Crafts or Craft Supplies ( Michael's sucks me in)
-No Etsy
-No Subscription Boxes
-Eat out once a week.
-No magazines

Anything else I think of I'll put on this post.

I have some CVS Extra Bucks that expire by the end of the I will spend those tomorrow.

The Challenge will start January 8, 2012 and end March 8, 2012

** I already have a plan on how to work on the cravings and lemmings....I'm going write down everything I want or make wishlists on websites, so when the challenge is over, I can see if I still want it....and make a Pinboard on Pinterest of all the stuff I wanted within the 60day period:)**

Anyone else game??? Any suggestions of how not to spend? Let me we can do a daily check in Twitter or Facebook.


Anonymous said...

I guess I will join you. I should been on a no-buy twelve years ago but shopping is a form of ineffective retail therapy. *lol*

Donna on 7:10 PM said...

Some women who do no buys join Makeup Alley and trade with each other instead. That way they still get a treat now and then but they aren't spending too much, just postage.