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~Fresh Coat~ Milani Red To Tango....

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

I have been so bored with my polish collection as of late. So, when my sis Kim sent Milani Red To Tango to me, I didn't hesitate to apply! Its just the punch of color and push I needed!!

I applied about three coats, I still see my nail underneath.:/ Ya'll know how I feel about that. What is the world coming to? Sheer nail polish? I can't live. smh.

However, in the sunlight...its a brilliant, sexy red...true the red crayon in a box of Crayolas. I could check the swatches...I live with the Crayola/Lego/Mario Bros. Boyz.
I'm applying a fresh coat of Red to Tango tonite.:)


Rai on 7:32 AM said...

You know I don't even like red nail polish but this shade is lovely!

Jamie @ Rural Glamour on 7:59 PM said...

Thanks Rai! You might like this color tho' lol!