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~Rural Style~ DIY Stretch Beaded Bracelets.....

Sunday, January 01, 2012

I have been craving those stretchy bead bracelets. You know the kind that Honesty, Kill Pink and various Etsy sellers make. I absolutely love their designs but I know I could make these myself. That's no shade to the designers and their prices, I totally understand the business of crafters: materials, labor, shipping, all go into a great product. I'm a crafter too! So I got down to the business of making me some!

I went to Michael's to gather beads and some good stretch band. I probably was in that bead section for an hour...pairing, coodinating, trying to not spend $$$ in Michaels, which is sooo hard!!! I knew I wanted black beaded bracelets and at least three to stack.
I made this one first...I think the knot in the band is a bit too big, but its only for me.:)

I tried to make the beaded bracelets as fitted to my arm as possible.
Then I made two more...and I have a set!!

Then, I made a neutral colored one and a purple on for some color...and now my craving has been calmed! I think....:)

I spent around $26 on all the materials....most of the beads were 40% off and the silver pieces were on clearance for $1.99 for three.


Shalimar on 10:30 AM said...

That is cute! Does Michaels still print out coupon mailers?

Jamie @ Rural Glamour on 8:04 PM said...

I don't know...I normally get any coupon in the Sunday newspaper.