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~Fresh Coat~ Nicole by OPI Kim-pletely In Love

Monday, January 02, 2012

Every since I saw the Kardashian Kolor by Nicole by OPI at Walmart, I've only wanted one color: Kim-pletely In Love.

The price on all those polishes are $ Walmart * deep sigh*

I bought it on Friday.

So here is Kim-pletely In Love. I was expecting a lux-y creme pink with a bit of iridescent low shimmer...but INSTEAD it's a sheer mess. That what you are looking about four coats, I think, I was on the phone, when I was putting it on. Disappointment is not even a word for it.  As much polish as Kim Kardashian wears...she didn't realize how sheer the application was on this polish???

She can put polish on her list of things to never do again....#1??? Fragrance.


High Heels & Good Meals! on 10:11 PM said...

What a pretty soft color. Yeah I would sigh deeply at $7 too!

High Heels & Good Meals! on 10:17 PM said...

Pretty soft color! I would sigh at $7 too!

Style4Curves on 9:16 AM said...

This is pretty!

Kim on 10:19 AM said...

It did look like such a pretty color, but I was disappointed in the color pay off too!

Jamie @ Rural Glamour on 8:03 PM said...

HH&GM- it is a pretty color, to bad it was too sheer.:/


Kim- Don't you hate that! smh!