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Winning Big in Online Auctions!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

It’s the thrill of the sport. It’s the passion behind winning. It’s the competitive drive. Wondering what I’m talking about it? Bidding on online auctions and winning awesome goodies! Yes, placing a small bid, like on a penny auction, watching the price and want for the object rise brings out emotions of every kind. I personally love penny auctions because it gives you a change to start low and bid in different increments until you are either right where you a want to be or sometimes over your head! LOL!

In the last 10 years, ever since I discovered online auctions, I’ve bidded on and won the gamut of items. My favorite items would include a Betsy Johnson hand bag, a brand new discontinued Victoria’s Secret perfume (remember when they did the Horoscope fragrances in 2000?), a Kate Spade pencil bag complete with pencils and authentic MAC cosmetics. Some of my key tips would be to start as low as the bidding will go, even if it’s a penny and take it slow. If the auction isn’t’ up for a week, watch it for a while after that first bid. Normally, the last couple of hours of the auction are the key ones but you want to test the waters by bidding early.  Hope that these tips and tricks help you in your next pursuit online when winning that ultimate must have item!

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