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A Big Thank You To Great Plumbers!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

On a hot July day in 2011, I went into the bathroom to find that toilet was overflowing. As much as I’m a confident woman, a Jill of all trades…I was stopped in my tracks by all the water. What do I do? Apparently, one of the kids that I have my “possession”, flushed, flushed and FLUSHED the toilet until Lake Superior was on my bathroom floor. I didn’t even hesitate, I went old school and open up the yellow pages of the city phone book, picked the biggest ad and called that plumber!

Nearly an hour later, two gentlemen came to the house and assessed the problem. It was more than a clogged toilet but some clogged pipes. There was no fumbling or second guessing because those plumbers went immediately to work! Somewhere outside there is a “manhole” that’s in the yard and one of the guys pulled out:

-a facecloth
-two toy cars
-a plastic ball
-a fingernail clipper

I was speechless!! LOL!The plumbing professionals had the problem done and solved in about two hours. The plumbers left the bathroom clean and yard back the way it was. They even told me that the bill would be in the mail and call if there were any other problems. A wonderful sigh of relief blanketed my home that July day. Thank God for reliable, professional plumbers!

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Nail Designs xox on 9:19 PM said...

Oh geez, what they pulled out! Glad it's all fixed now!

Atiyah on 2:00 PM said...

This reminds me of a friend that was having issues with her plumbing they had to go in deep and they found 15 years of tampons clogging up the system! I was like WHAT!??!!? EWWW