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~Fresh Coat~ Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color in Ionic Indigo....

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thanks to CVS and their current Sally Hansen sale ($3 EBS when you but $10 in Sally Hansen)I was able to get on of their new Magnetic Nail Polish colors. They were $9.99 at CVS so I picked up a $1.99 Wet N' Wild polish just to supplement the cost.:)

I've been iffy about magnetic polish trend. I wasn't really crazy about it, I like cremes finish polish the most even though I own the gamut of polishes.  Sally Hansen's collection of these polishes has some really beautiful colors. this the1st try.

I barely got any magnetic print and I followed to instructions...almost. O_O I didn't leave the magnet over the polish for EXACTLY 10 seconds or more.

So for the 2nd try, I was watching a You Tube video and I was able time each nail exactly 10 seconds a piece by watching the time on the video. This picture below shows a more clear magnetic print to the nails....

Here's photos of the next day in natural light. It took some getting used to, but I figured out how to work them better and I really like the magnetic polish!

Have you tried the Sally Hansen Magnetic Polish or any other magnetic polish? Let me know!!



Anonymous said...

I have seen them but for some reason, I am not hunting it down or trying to stack coupons to get it for practically nothing. I guess the reason why is because ever since working in retail, my nails has been a hot mess times 20. The effect is nice but I will wait till it goes on clearance.

Atiyah on 10:47 AM said...

I finally got around to using mine last night. Left hand it only showed up on the ring finger. Right had came out very well. Not sure what i did wrong on the left hand.