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~Haul~ CVS Summer 2012 Beauty Clearance......

Thursday, June 07, 2012

On last Saturday, I found out via twitter that CVS is doing a summer beauty clearance sale. It took everything in my not to leave my house at 8:45 pm ( our CVS' close at 9pm) to see what was popping. My patience paid off when Gia over at Nouveau Cheap posted a list of the items clearanced and has been updating since Saturday with even more stuff. I had $18.00 in ECBs and coupons burning a hole in my pocket!

 A couple of trips's my haul!
 Trip#1/ CVS #1- I only spent $.94 on every thing and I would have not spent that if I could have found that $1 ECB I had in the bottom of my handbag!!

I got all the Sally Hansen Crackle Polishes ( which I thought were overpriced from the "get". lol!),
Revlon ColorBurst Lip Gloss in Rose Gold, and two Essence of Beauty Brushes( These brushes have $1 coupons in them and forgot all about that..I couldve gotten them $.75!!).
Trip #1/CVS #2- I saw in this CVS that some of the beauty travel bags were on sale 50% of $9.99. So I used a $5 ECB to buy this one. $0.00 spent!
Trip #2/CVS#2- I spotted the Kiss Nail Dress in Princess that was listed at 75%off but they are really 50% off of $6.99...but I had a $1 coupon off Kiss Nail Dress so that made it $2.49.

 All in all, I spent at $3.50 for everything!!! But....I'm not finished! LOL! I'm looking for a Revlon Custom Eyes Palette in Metallic Chic ( neither one of my CVS' had any Custom Eyes Palettes period) and I might go back and get all the Kiss Nail Dress in Princess left.

Check out the Nouveau Cheap List HERE!!!


Nail Designs xox on 9:21 PM said...

94 cents!?!?! OMG lol

Also Nouveau Cheap is an AMAZING blog. I always stalk for new sitings or clearances lol

xoxo Kellz* on 10:19 AM said...

loveeeeee jeeze

devorelebeaumonstre. on 4:20 PM said...


p.s. I'm having a giveaway if you'd like to check it out! xx