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~Beauty School 101~ You Tube Beauty Vloggers That Taught Me PART 1.....

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

I posted a picture of one my latest eye looks as a cover photo on Facebook. One of sorors ( and like many of  my friends, family,etc) asked me to teach her how to do that look. I responded with two words: YOU TUBE. LOL!

 Seriously, I learned most of the technique that Ilearned within the last four years from watching You Tube. Not just makeup technique, but hair, nails, cooking, fashion, you name it, you want to learn how to do something, search You Tube. I guarantee there is a video for it on there

 Over the years, I've learned alot of makeup technique from different "gurus" evolving from channel to channel with my tastes in videos evolving. I like a nice, fairly short, well edited video when it comes to makeup. In Part 1 of this series, I will post my favorite videos from some of  my most watched makeup gurus who I have taught me so much and didn't even know it! LipSh0ck is a AMAZING. I LOVE HER! Well edited videos...she uses a mix of high and low cosmetics, so you are not tied to a makeup counter for every product.
 I always have running list of products to wish for watching her!

  Start2FinishMUA is great at teaching and guiding thru techniques with well edited videos and lots of knowledge as a makeup artist. I love this Monica look she just recently did.
 I initially started watching MsVaughnTV for natural hair and fashion but she does great makeup as well.

  NikkiTutorials is from the Netherlands and few shades lighter than me ( LOL!) but don't let skin color get in the way of learning and watching. She does consistent, clear tutorials and has you craving some of the products she buys in her country and abroad.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of Beauty You Tubers That Taught Me Series!!.....and let me know some of favorite videos that taught you something about makeup, make sure to post a link so I can watch. I have more ladies & GENTLEMEN coming in Part 2.:))