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~Review~ Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain....

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

 Review Time!! Yass Ma'am, your cousin is here to give you the real tea on Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain. I won't keep you long...I like to be brief but concise because those are the kind of reviews I like to read. lol!

I started with just one of these Balm Stains, but after that first one, I wanted more. I purchased mine at CVS and they were $9.99 so watch out for sales and  coupons.

I purchased (from left to right):
 Cherish, Sweetheart, and Precious.
 Precious: Shimmery nude shade. Wayy more pigmented than I thought. I was pleasantly surprised.
 Sweetheart: A juicy light raspberry pink.
Cherish: A bright light pink. My FAVORITE shade of so far!!!


-Three shades that I have are very pigmented, I was surprised! I wasn't expecting Revlon Lip Butter pigment( We'll talk about them vs. Balm Stain in a minute:)) but its medium gloss -like pigment. You will get good color even with dark lips, like me.

-They have a faint mint smell but they are not minty and tingly, which I hate..

-The "balm" texture is smooth and not greasy and feels good on the lips.


- I personally found them....drying. I wore Cherish a couple days straight, and I was fighting flaky lips. I don't have dry lips, I drink massive amounts of water, so I don't struggle with that, so it had to be the Balm Stain. Same thing happened when I wore Precious, dry lips. Don't be fooled by the "balm" effect, use a lip balm to base the lips before applying these.

- I didn't get a "stain" effect on the lighter colors ( Cherish and Precious) but Sweetheart did stain my lips but it was removable by the end of the day. So I'm assuming that the darker shades will stain after the balm effect is gone.

-The price is just....*deep sigh*...HIGH! Ten dollars for a drugstore brand lip balm. Granted, you catch a sale like a BOGO or they end up at Wal-Mart or Target a $1 or $2 cheaper but that's still a bit much. Like I said before coupon and sale hunt for your life. I watched a review on these and the girl had bought ALL OF THE SHADES, at CVS. Its like 12 shades I believe. Aye, if you like I love it. LOL!

-They break easily. Precious is broken, and its only been in a basket with five or six other glosses. WTF?


Welp....I got my eye on three more shades and I'm just searching around for swatches and other reviews and collecting ECBs ( because only my CVS had them) before I get any more. I really like them...just use a lip balm before, be careful not to break them and they are a really great product!!

*************Revlon Balm Stain vs. Revlon Lip Butter******

My take: The formula is different but the color scheme of both products are very similar. I see alot of similar shades in both collections. The formulas, Balm Stains fell like a lip balm where the Butters feel more lipstick-ish.

Have you picked up any of these Balm Stains?? Let me know your favorite colors!



Rai on 7:57 AM said...

I like Sweetheart!