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~Fresh Coat~ Revlon Sparkle Aplenty......

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

 Its something about the "Runway Report" display that sends fire in my bones!! Especially when the polish lands in my neck of the woods, which isn't very often. Plus, I saw this Sparkle Aplenty on Youtube's Crystalis007 nails and I had to have it.

I applaud Revlon for keeping their Limited Editions and new polishes at the $4.99 price point while other brands drugstore  jack up limited edition product prices with polish.
 ( with flash) Sparkle Aplenty in three coats. I found it a bit sheer. The black base is more like a jelly so it will never get that opaque. Even with the massive hexagon shaped glitter, I still saw my nail underneath! Tsk, tsk Revlon.

( without flash) I really wanted to love Sparkle Aplenty but she just didn't grow on my the five days I wore her.:/ The concept of a chunky black and silver glitter in a black base was just ok. I wanted SPECTACULAR!!!! LOL!

Anyone planning on getting Sparkle Aplenty or have you seen it in your neck of the woods? Let me know!!