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~Review & Swatches~ Wet N' Wild Ferga-vicious Eye Kit For Your Edgy Side.....

Thursday, October 04, 2012

I finally spotted the Wet N' Wild Fergie sets about two weeks ago ( on my birthday) at Walgreens in Gaffney. If you are in that area, there were two full displays of all three sets.

I only got one set, Ferga-vicious. Why? They are $7.99 a piece....and there's not $8 worth a product in that box in my opinion, that I will use....

Moving along....:)

 The Kit includes: Eyeshadow quad in Ferga-vicious, Mega Length Mascara( which I have always loved), Color Icon Shimmer Pencil, Mega Liner Liquid Liner and eye shadow brush and a brow comb/brush duo.

 Swatches on the Color Icon Shimmer Pencil and the Ferga-vicious eye shadow quad.....
 First Look: I did something really basic with all four shades.....
 The lighter shades blended well and they have a medium pigmentation like most Wet N' Wild shadows.
 On the next day, I did a smokier, darker look with the palette....

The black shade is hard to blend but heavily pigmented...


I'm glad I only bought one. Sorry, but this is not worth $8....maybe $5 at the most:
 -The eye shadows are ok and nothing original. If you own Wet N' Wild's Sugar Plum Fairy and Lust 6-pan shadows you should be ok to skip this kit.
 -I like the mascara, but a full size of it is only $2.99.
 -The black liner is dud with a flimsy brush.
 -Who is going to use that eye shadow brush???
 -The silver liner, that same liner was in one of the holiday kits from 2010.

So, does anyone else own Ferga-vicious or plan on getting it? Let me know!