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~Fresh Coat~ The Truth about Physician's Formula Endless Color Nail Trio in In The Nude....

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Hey Everyone!!

This is my first Fresh Coat in FOREVER! My nails have been struggling. I need to be on a supplement of sorts, its definitely an internal situation with my vitamin intake. Nevertheless, I'm still insane over polish and I have AWESOME nail posts coming the week and beyond so stay tuned!

I picked up Physician Formula Endless Color Nail Trio in In The Nude at Wal-Mart. It was 9.99 at my Walmart with a $2 off coupon attached.

 Bravo to PF for entering the nail game!!! 
 Now I thought that they "STACKED" meaning, they clicked on and off each other...BUT.....

They DO NOT STACK AND CLICK....instead they STACK AND SCREW!! LOL! You have to screw them off. So if you use the last shade, the two top shades must be screwed on so that the bottles of polish don't spill. How ODD is that? I'm seeing a lot of the beauty glas saying that "stack". Yeah, they stack but they have to stay screwed on top of each other so there isn't a mess when using them.

I swatched all three colors. The colors separately do not have separate names. My index finger is the 1st and top shade, 2nd finger is the 2nd color and the 3rd color is on my middle finger. The swatches are all three coats each. The formula of this particular stack is very sheer. I wasn't impressed.*shrugs* I will not be buying any more of these even though I commend PF for coming up with a great idea. These trios definitely stand out in all of the new polish and nail goodies this spring.