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~Review~ Revlon Nearly Nude Foundation in Chestnut.....

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Hey Everyone!!

I have a review for you on Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation. I picked the color Chestnut because I know that in any formulation of a Revlon foundation, the darkest shade they offer, Cappuccino, is too dark. Chestnut is the shade before Cappuccino.

 I purchased my bottle at Walmart. ( with flash)
 ( without flash) This picture are more of its true color.

Swatch on the back of my hand. I also swatched on my wrist just to make sure and the matches were pretty good.
 Before Nearly Naked in Chestnut.....

After applying Nearly Naked all over the face....

Finished look for that day.:)


Chestnut is ok match but the undertones were too light of a yellow so the foundation is too light for me. It was really was too light and ashy around my mouth area, which is darker than other areas of my face. It also did not oxidize and get darker on me, it stayed that same light shade every day I applied it. OMG, I wanted Nearly Naked to WORK!!! It would have been perfect for the summer. I still wear foundation in the summer, just lighter formulations but this shade matching problem nixed that idea. Waaaaaa!!!!:(