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~Swatches + Review~ CoverGirl Queen Collection All Day Flawless Foundation in Q830/ Soft Copper.....

Saturday, February 02, 2013

Hey Everyone!!

I got my hands on Cover Girl Queen Collection All Day Flawless Foundation in Q830/Soft Copper about two weeks ago. I decided to go with the Queen Collection formula of this Cover Girl foundation because the shades of the Queen Collection match me better. I've been using Soft Copper in all of their foundations for years.

 Tip for choosing drugstore foundations: Hold the bottle near your chin line to find the closest shade possible and check it in a mirror or your phone. If it doesn't match, TAKE IT BACK. That's what return policies are for and what drugstore foundations are running lately ( This one was $9.29), return that girl if she doesn't match to your specifications.

 Soft Copper actually matches the back of my hand which for the winter is the same color as my face.:)


First, I will say that the shade match is perfect!! Spot on match. Second, I wasn't oily ALL DAY. For real, when I first noticed this, I was blown away! I got little "sheeny" after couple of hours, but nothing like the oil pools I normally experience. I love the pump action that the foundation is in. I wish more companies would do that, even some of the higher end brands. The only negative I will say it that the foundation is a light to medium coverage. I couldn't get it to build to full, which I what I prefer.  I'm interested in seeing how this foundation will work in the summer. Maybe I'll do an update!!!

Have you seen or do own the the new Cover Girl All Day Flawless Foundation? The beauty girls on the internet are loving it, well at least on my twitter timeline. LOL! Let me know!