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~Fresh Coat~ Hard Candy Black Tie Optional.....

Thursday, March 07, 2013

 Hey Everyone!!

Two Fresh Coat posts in a row?? Why, yes!!

I ran up on the new Hard Candy polish at Walmart and when I tell you, it was sooooo hard not to go completely HAM and buy them ALL. Hard Candy did this one. I can see that now these polish will be the stand outs of their entire makeup collection. I love how they have channeled some of the nail industry's hottest trends in polish: glitters suspended in cremes, glitter overloads, chromes, and micro glitters.

I got six polishes the first round, so buckle up.:)

First up.....Black Tie Optional....
 Black Tie Optional looks like a black creme or jelly with white and black glitter BUT its actually black and white glitter overload suspended in a CLEAR polish. So, you might need a opaque base. I used Kleancolor Black and Kleancolor White.....
The glitters are CRAY CRAY. Hexagons, big and small, black and white, speckles, long pieces...all this for $4? I think, I'll faint now.......If  this was easily is a "prestige" polish brand, you are looking at $8, $9 polish. Get yo life!!

I used a dabbing technique to get as much glitter off the brush. The brush picks up the glitter but regular polish strokes will not get it off.

This my thumb with two coats of "dabbing" with no base, so it is possible to get a opaque look with no base shade.

I think just wrote this whole post holding my breath. I make no sense, sometimes. That's what happens when you are a polish addict. The excitement is crazy, I say!!


Atiyah on 11:11 AM said...

I don't live near a walmart but you are going to make me go to one just for this polish!