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~Swatches~ Maybelline LE Vivids Lipstick in Pop Of Cherry and Infra-Red.....

Monday, April 08, 2013

Hey Everyone!!

What you seeing is correct. The beloved, chased after, hauled 2013 Maybelline MBFW Vivids lipsticks were found by moi at a Rite-Aid for discounted 50% off. This a very VERY recent collection, no more than two months old, sitting in a clearance bin. Tons of other stuff was in those bins too:new Essie polish strips, new N.Y.C. Spring collection polish.....

That was one of the craziest discounted makeup situations I've ever witnessed. 

 I picked up Pop of Cherry and Infra-Red. I didn't even think twice about buying these when they were full price because I have a zillion red lipsticks and $7 for a drugstore lipstick is STEEP.

 I KNOW. They look exactly alike! LOL! I tried my best to capture the differences in the two but my camera wouldn't capture it correctly. ( Pop of Cherry, top, Infra-Red , bottom)
You can sort of see that Pop of Cherry(left) is slightly lighter than Infra-Red( right). I will say, that both shades are bright and glossy!!!