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Get Naked!! Best of "Naked" or Neutral Eye Shadow Palettes for Cheap!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hey Everyone!!

I know I've said this before, but I love neutral eye shadows! Neutral,Nude or "Naked" shadows create so many beautiful looks from day to night. Plus, you can punch them up with the slightest color for a gorgeous look all year around.

I own the infamous Urban Decay Naked Palette( the original). It took me a year of back and forth to get it and its the best $50 I've spent on makeup in YEARS!! lol! There so many great nude palettes with similar color schemes of the UD Naked Palette available in drugstore/mass market stores or online.

Here are some of MY favorite drugstore/cheap brands of "Naked" eye shadow palettes....

 Physician's Formula Shimmer Strips in Nude Eyes
(Found wherever PF is sold)

This palette is all shimmer shadows but the levels are intensity is what makes the palette fun and diverse. You can create a very smoky look or a very light day look for skin color. Here my original review and post on Nude Eyes-----> CLICK HERE
 Wet N' Wild Color Icon in Comfort Zone
( Found wherever Wet N Wild is sold)

I love Comfort Zone so much, I've purchased it twice!! This palette not only has beautiful, satiny neutral but a couple beautiful green shades. Plus, I can't tell you how many blog posts and You Tube videos I've seen where someone is comparing most of the shades of this palette to MAC eye shadows. There are some serious dupes in Comfort Zone!!
 Forever 21 Eye Shadow Palette
( found at Forever 21)

I just happen to buy this palette for the sake of fulfilling an order to get free shipping. lol! Its five colors, two mattes and three shimmers, highly pigmented for $2.50. Its still sold in stores and online but just in different packaging. Worth all the change from the bottom of your purse that you spend on it!
 Wet N Wild ColorIcon in I Heart Matte or Drinking A Glass Of Shine
(limited edition but can be found online)

I Heart Matte or Drinking A Glass Of Shine is a mixture of a matte primary colors. I love the whole palette but my favorite side is the matte neutrals which are great for a simple look or pairing with other neutral colors from other palettes. This is a limited edition palette but it can be purchased online. Just use Google and Amazon is a great place to start looking for it.
Hard Candy Top Ten Eye Shadow Collection in Naturally Gorgeous
(available at Walmart)

It took me a while to really like this palette. Some shades are hit or miss with the quality. However, if you are just starting out in makeup or knows a young lady who is just starting out, this is a great starter neutral palette. The colors are not to powerful but are useful in creating pretty looks from simple to smoky.

These are just MY favorites? Did I miss any? What are your favorites? Comment Below!!