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~My Top Natural Hair Must Haves!~

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Hey Everyone!

As the summer approaches and the heat gets unbearable here in the Carolinas, I thought I would share with you my top natural hair must haves. Matter of fact, I use these products all year around!

Hair Disclaimer:
I am not a professional cosmetologist. Just a girl with natural hair. I have 4c ( coarse, kinky, no defined curl pattern)that’s prone to dryness due to high porosity. I've been natural since 2009. No relaxer since 2008. I transitioned for 11 months before big chopping.  

 Leave In Conditioner

I can remember, when I was relaxed, I NEVER used a leave in. That was probably why my hair was constantly dry. Applying a leave in after shampooing or deep conditioning adds an extra moisture factor to help with dry hair. My hair loves creamy leave ins like Carol's Daughter Hair Milk Leave In and Dove Color Care Leave In. When my hair is in braids or twists, I used Carol's Daughter Black Vanilla Leave In Spray for moisture after washing or a daily dose of moisture.
 Protein Re-constructor

With highly porous hair, a monthly protein treatment or re constructor is key in maintaining moisture and length. I've tried several protein treatments but Joico K-Pak works miracles on my hair. I don't have as much breakage as I use to because I learned to treat my hair to K-Pak.

The best thing that a dry hair natural can do is seal their hair. Find out of you have porosity issues that are hindering your moisturizer retention, find a water based moisturizer that works, and also find a sealant product that holds in the moisture. I tried EVERY oil there was until I figure it that I needed a heavier seal product. Carol's Daughter Mimosa Hair Honey is my MIRACLE product!! It hold the moisture for DAYS!!

Gentle Detangling Comb

When I first went natural, I pined over a Denman brush and comb. I bought the ever so popular Tangle Teaser. I hand detangled for an hour. Then I bought this comb at Dollar General for $2, because I need to detangle my hair better than what I was doing. This $2 comb saved the wash day! It glides smoothly through my hair and save me much needed money and time.