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~MAC Riri Woo~ Swatches and Dupes under $6!!......

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Hey Everyone!!

The inna'nets have no chill....MAC RiriWoo release has shaken up the beauty blogsphere/vlogsphere and emotions are high.

Don't I sound like the intro to an Oprah special? haha....

But seriously, the beauty girls are just all over the place with Ms. RiriWoo. Most are not pleased for whatever reason or another. The main reason is that RiriWoo is so close to MAC Ruby Woo in color that folks are feeling they got duped. Perhaps. *shrugs*

I don't own Ruby Woo for one reason. The drugstore dupes of that lipstick are endless. I rather spend $6 over $15. And I can mattify any red lipstick with a little translucent powder. So, your favorite cousin is going to serve you under $6 options to Riri Woo....Get into it....

 MAC Riri Woo

I actually love the texture of the lipstick. I don't own anything this matte.
 Swatch of Riri Woo.
 Now, from my personal collection, I pulled Rimmel #111 Kiss of Life and  E.L.F.  Rich Red for comparison against Riri Woo.....
 Riri Woo is #1, Rimmel #111 Kiss of Life is #2 and E.L.F. Rich Red is #3 in the photo above.

The closest in the color to Riri Woo is Rich Red and  #111 Kiss of Life is closer in texture and slightly darker. Either way....both are under $6 where ever E.L.F and Rimmel are sold in your part of the woods.

And you won't have to wait for hours for your order to go through.:)
 Then I thought about the some the reds in Nicka K lipstick collection. I buy my Nicka K lipstick at my local beauty supply for $1.

Ironically, the Nicka K shade is called Ruby Red.

Riri Woo is #1 and Ruby Red is #2 in the above photo. Ruby Red is the same shade but glossy.

Sooooo....what are your thoughts on Riri Woo and the controversy behind the shade? I'm personally happy I have it. I love red lipstick and now I have a true matte in my collection. Its all good over here!! However there some very good, inexpensive options of this lipstick right around the corner from you or over these here internets. Enjoy!