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MAC Heroine Dupe Fail and The REAL MAC Heroine Dupe!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Disclosure: All products were purchased by me except Heroine which was won in a giveaway.

Hey Everyone!

So, the other morning, I was on a FB beauty group and a young lady posted this on the timeline.

 And things got interesting....

The conversation was basically, the picture is a fluke. Maybelline Brazen Berry and Wet N' Wild Ravin' Raisin are not dupes of MAC Heroine. Brazen Berry and Ravin' Raisin are not even dupes of EACH OTHER. lol! We have seen these kind of graphics on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. The product and its dupes, side by side. In defense of the young lady, she didn't personally make the graphic. But, I can't personally tell you, Brazen Berry and Ravin' Raisin are not MAC Heroine dupes.

 Maybelline Brazen Berry, MAC Heroine, Wet N' Wild Ravin' Raisin. With the flash on.

Nah. Not even close. 
 Maybelline Brazen Berry, MAC Heroine, Wet N' Wild Ravin' Raisin

The only drugstore dupe I have for MAC Heroine (right) is Maybelline Violet Intrigue ( the color to the left). Same shade, different textures. Violet Intrigue is a Fall Limited Edition and might be hard to find. Sounds like Miss Violet Intrigue and Heroine have something in common besides color, you can't find neither, no where (Heroine stays sold out).

The whole  beauty dupe culture is one of those moments that you need a sharp eye, keen sense of BS and tight budget. It's so easy to get caught up thinking you are saving money by buying a duplicate of a high product, when actuality, its not even a close color, texture and doesn't work nothing like the real thing. I love dupes but here is some advice, USE GOOGLE. Seriously, do the research and find bloggers, vloggers, sites that have swatches or reviews on the real product and duped one if you are UNSURE of a supposed dupe.