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My Favorite Nude Lipsticks+ Swatches Updated!!!!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Disclosure: All products were purchased by me.

Hey Everyone!!

I thought I would update my favorite nude lipsticks for 2014!! If you are interested, here is my favorite nude lipsticks in 2012 (CLICK HERE). These are nude lippies I reach for often. I love the look of a nude lipstick that makes my lips look luscious, "better" in its own natural shade, if that makes any sense. So, some of the nudes I've using now are more browns, cinnamon...the shade of my own natural lip pigmentation.

They are all drugstore or beauty supply store finds, all under $6 ( depending where you shop)

 Revlon Mink, Milani Teddy Bare, Milani Naturally Chic, CoverGirl Queen Collection Mocha Locha, L.A. Colors Taupe Envy, NK Camel and NK Natural.
 Revlon Mink, Milani Teddy Bare, Milani Naturally Chic
 CoverGirl Queen Collection Mocha Locha  and L.A. Colors Taupe Envy

NK Natural and NK Camel

Any of your favorites in the mix? Let me know what your nude lipstick favorites are!!