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Are Your HSN ( Hair, Skin and Nails) Vitamins Working? How To Know + My Favorite HSN Vitamins.....

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Hey Everyone!!

Long time, no see, uh???? Got a wild hair to blog again. I miss this medium of the interaction of the beauty community, so here I am.:)

Now, I made a New Year's resolution to take HSN ( Hair, Skin and Nails) vitamins for a full year and I have been doing pretty good at it. For the exception of a few weeks missed here and there, I have been taking them consistently. The main issue I had to solve with them was finding one that I could swallow comfortably and I did that.

I have a lot of my friends ask "How do you know those vitamins are working?" "Is your hair longer?".

From my experience, there are a couple of ways I see my HSN vitamins working their magic. Here are a couple you may experience or see as you take them CONSISTENTLY.

-My nails are stronger, not necessarily longer but the peeling and breaking stops.

-My cuticles get thicker.

-Around my menstual cycle, my skin has no breakouts at all. #miracleshappen

-The roots of my hair are thicker and my hair becomes harder to detangle. Remember your hair grows from the roots, not the ends. That's where you will see growth.

-I shave and remove hair from my legs, underarms and bikini area more often.

-My lashes grow wild. lol! True story, I have grown these wild lashes, not thicker but wild.

One of my negative side effects is that I can't take the vitamins on an empty stomach or will be in stomach trouble all day. I take the HSN vitamins on a full belly, either in the morning or after dinner.

My favorite HSN vitamins right now are Nature's Bounty Optimal Solutions Hair, Skin & Nails Gummies with Biotin. I take 4 of them, giving me 5,000 mcg of Biotin.

So.....are you taking HSN vitamins and how are they working for you? Let me know in the comments!!!


Kim J on 5:21 PM said...

Hey Hey!!! Welcome back to the blog world. I take hair supplements. I started taking Hairfinity and had good results. I'm trying Hair, Skin, Nails by It Works and I'm having good results. My lashes are growing like crazy and my hair is too. I'll keep this regimen up till next spring for my desired length.

Jamie J on 4:31 PM said...

@Kim I'm trying sis. LOL! I got offered to try the It Works but I would have to crush them because I can't swallow that pill.