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HUGE Jewelry Haul! Cato, Walmart, Beauty Supply Store, Goodwill......

Friday, February 27, 2015

Hey Everyone!!

I've been hauling jewelry lately since things are being marked down. I've also just picking up pieces here and there and it has all became a haul! A big one! LOL!

I actually got this stuff today. lol! I popped in to check out the markdowns on shoes and messed around bought jewelry. That red necklace was the creme de la creme buy for me!! Only 6.99! The beading is gorgeous and good quality. The bangles are x-large bangles. Cato, with its sister store, It's Fashion, sells x-large bangles for us large handed gals. I have wide palm that's a challenge for wearing bangles.

 BSS ( Beauty Supply Store) 

All these goodies are from different BSS' aroung the area. Just picking up $1 jewelry here and there. This is not actually all of it, I've been wearing some of the pieces I've been buying within the last week.
That first necklace (red, turquiose and gold) is a dupe of a necklace I've seen before. I can't put my finger on what store.
Walmart finally marked down those $10 statement necklaces and I went it several times just picking and choosing carefully the ones I wanted instead of massive hauling them. Plus, no one was buying them at my Walmart anyway, they were not moving even at $10. In the end, I got 7 necklaces( one is missing, it's on my neck:)) for $35. You can't buy $35 statement necklace at Macy's or Belk's or Target!

The picture above, these two necklaces are very J. Crew/Anthropologie to me.
 I've seen the necklace on the far right end on Pinterest. Yes!!
 This one reminded me of something Kate Spade makes.


Got this great jeweled cuff for $2.