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Missy Lynn Eye Shadow & Baked Highlighter Palette Review + Swatches......

Monday, March 09, 2015

Hey Everybody!

Let's just jump into things.....:)

I ordered the Missy Lynn palette literally within the hour on the initial day she posted on Facebook about it. However, it took BH Cosmetics 7 days to get it to me. No fault to her, but to BH Cosmetics. It was my first order with them and I'm not sure I'll be ordering anything else them. I'm crazy serious about shipping logistics. 

That is one thing no company wants to play with me about...shipping.

 If you haven't already seen pictures, videos or posts on the Missy Lynn palette, here it is!

You get six shadows and two highlighters. The palette itself has a magnetic closure and comes with a good sized mirror.

 Here are swatches in order as they come in the palette. My hand has no primer and this one swipe per finger per shade.
 This is the first look I created with the palette. I played around some the neutrals and one of the purple shades.

1) Excellent price for a six shadow/two highlighter palette. It is under $12 without shipping.

2) I found that shadows are bit sheer. If you want serious pops of color or heavy pigmentation, you will have to use a cream or white shadow base underneath. I noticed in several tutorials on this palette on YouTube, that alot of girls were doing that cream/white base process. I used a basic shadow base ( Black Radiance shadow primer) and found the shadows to need a little arm work to show up.

3) The highlighters are GORGEOUS. STUNNING.

Will you be buying the Missy Lynn palette?!? 


Chyna Thompson on 3:39 AM said...

I love the review of the pallet I am currently still waiting for my pallet on back order. My order said 2-3 weeks until it ships hopefully it ships next week

Atiyah on 2:32 PM said...

I have learned to say I don't wear make up I collect it. I almost purchased this just to support her but I said NO! If you aren't going to wear it why let it collect dust?