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Style Friday!! Didn't Notice Uh? Boo Boo Kitty wears Cookie's Ring on Empire #Empire......

Friday, February 13, 2015

Hey Everyone!!

After watching and live tweeting Empire Wednesday night, this meme showed up on my timeline.

Now I've voiced once before on twitter that Empire needs to work on fashion continuity especially in this throwback scenes with Cookie or Lucious. The clothes need to really reflect the 90s and they do but barely. That irritates me! That's another post for another day. But I wasn't expecting this?!? The same ring?

Now this could be two things....follow me on this:

A) The wardrobe department is slack as hell. I know there were other rings to be used for Boo Boo Kitty's engagement ring. Or ya'll ran out of money after purchasing ( hopefully borrowing) all of Cookie's furs. Social media and the fans of Empire are soooo serious. We notice all the nuances in the show.  Wardrobe gonna need to do better


B) This ring coincidence could be part of the storyline. This ring could have been Cookie's ring from Lucious from the past, since it was shown in a past sequence, Lucious had it while Cookie was locked up and he gave it to Boo Boo Kitty as an engagement ring. Yes? No?

A? or B? You tell me. 


Atiyah on 3:41 PM said...

B!!!! You notice Cookie didn't say the ring was hers? She is the type that would say UHH BooBooKitty, Luscious gave me a ring like that 20yrs ago!