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Nail Polish Haul!! CVS, Goodwill, Walgreens, Dollar General, Big Lots!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Hey Everyone!!

I've been picking up polish and sliding up on some SERIOUS deals in the last couple of days. I look all the polish I've collected in a week and well, it looked like a haul. LOL! Let's get started.....


CVS had deal on a new line of polish they are carrying called Pop-arazzi or Poparazzi 2 for $3. I wasn't impressed with the color shades but the line has several nail help polishes like ridge fillers, top coats, growth formulas, etc. All the clear polishes that Poparazzi carries, you can't tell them apart, unless you look at the label at the bottom. My CVS had them displayed wrong so check the bottom label.
 See. SMH!!
***SPOILER: Skip the Quick Dry Top Coat, it's a regular top coat, nothing quick about it. It's trash***

Grabbed this cute duo of polish out of one of those $1 shelf things at the back of the store.
 Dollar General

One of my Dollar Generals is carrying a new polish line by Broadway Nails called Gel Strong Nail Polish. I've already wore the left one, Peach Macaroon and it sucked in quality, chipped with a day or two. The right one is called UltraViolet.
 Big Lots

If you follow me on Instagram (Rural Glamour), you saw I hit the mother load of drugstore makeup yesterday. I grabbed these two Sally Hansen Salon Manicure polishes in Mudslide and Grass Slipper. Salon Manicure is one my favorite drugstore polish lines and runs around $8 regular price so this was a STEAL!!


I went into one of my favorite Goodwill stores and they had a ton of unopened makeup from Target but the prices on some was ridiculously high for damaged makeup. I did luck up and grab three Sally Hansen Triple Shine polishes: Dream Sequins,Wavy Blue and Play Koi. I've never used this line of SH polish, mainly because it's priced like the Salon Manicure. Super happy to scoop these up for a $1 a piece!