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$1 Lip Gloss! Profusion Luxy Lips.....

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Hey Everyone!!

I've been looking for these Profusion Luxy Lips since around the first of the year. I heard a bit of buzz about them being very pigmented from some of my favorite bloggers. Finally, I spotted them at Walgreens in their $1 beauty section. I dug and dug and only find three colors.

 The Luxy Lips have no separate names as far as I could tell. Not even on the sealed plastic.

Here are some swatches and initially, the glosses looked very promising. 

The swatched texture is similar to LA Girl Glazed Lip Paints. I even had to apply them like I apply the Lip Paints, with a lip brush because a little seemed goes a little long.

However, on the lips, they apply very uneven and spotty. I had to go over a couple of times to get an even coat of color. The light pink is too light for my complexion and the orange-red color doesn't suit my complexion either. I found the bright pink to be decent but the application was just not good.

These glosses are definitely $1 glosses in quality. I still might play with the bright pink for the summer.

Have you seen these Profusion Luxy Lips glosses on your neck of the woods?? Let me know in the comments!!