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RK by Kiss Matte Lip Lacquer Swatches & Review......

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Hey Everyone!!

Matte lip lacquers are the current big trend in makeup these days along with contouring kits. It's like every company is making them and charging arm and leg ( up to $25) for one matte lip gloss. Ya'll know I'm not down with that unless it's a shade or formula I must, MUST have. I was happy to find out and find that BSS ( beauty supply store) brand RK by Kiss did their own matte lip lacquer for only $3.99( the price at my local BSS). I grabbed up four shades:

 Left to right: Ruby, Queen, Rosy, and Wonderland

Swatches left to right: Wonderland, Rosy, Ruby and Queen.

I have mixed feelings about them.....

#1 I don't like the lip lacquers that dry down matte. They are very uncomfortable on me. These don't dry down to a matte, so that didn't bother me.

#2 However, RK by Kiss Matte Lip Lacquers are a sliding mess. They slip and slide all of over your mouth. They have a mousse-y wet texture that you can't put on multiple layers. One light layer of color is almost enough.

#3 They are not that matte, more like satin. They are very pigmented though.

I doubt I'm pick up anymore shades. I watched Youtuber PlatinumD do a swatch video on these and none of the other colors are worth the run for.