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My Art Print + Wall Art Wishlist from Minted! #minted #art

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Hey Everyone!

Every since the 1st of the year, I've been searching for a new piece of art for one of my bedroom walls. I did a huge purge of my things in January and a mini one this month because transitioning into more of a minimalist lifestyle. More of that as I move into it.:)

I spotted some beautiful pieces on a site called Minted. Minted carries all kinds of cards,gift, paperie, and  stationary and most recently added a stunning selection of art prints and wall art. The wall in my bedroom is not huge so I'm looking a simple print, something that makes me happy each time I look at it. Especially after a rough day!

Here's some I'm loving and wishlisting....I can be so indecisive! 

I took the "organic" process and just scrolled through the page and picked up the pieces that spoke to me. But you could totally use the filter, choosing the type: style, shape, color or Editor's Choice to make a more time efficient choice. Go to to  fall into some amazing pieces and refresh the walls, shelves, etc in your home.

Tell me what you think of my choices? Go to and let me know which pieces speak to you in the comments!!

Disclosure: The post was sponsored by Minted.