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My Summer Life Wishlist! Food, Recipes, Beauty, Fashion and more....

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Hey Everyone!!!

Summer break starts tomorrow, May 29, 2015 for me. My kids will officially out of school. This summer I'm making a bigger effort to just enjoy the season. I've spent every summer since my kids were born stressing and worrying about money, work, life that I dread the summer all together.

 Then the other day, my laptop had a major problem and it will not usable aka my laptop died. I mourned and even cried over my laptop for about 15 minutes then realized that it's just a piece of equipment that I can get replaced....when I can get it replaced.

My dead laptop put in perspective that I've lost much more a laptop: one apartment, one rental home, two jobs, my health SEVERAL times, my mind SEVERAL times, and loved ones to sickness over 11 years. All those things trump a $300 laptop that I had for 5 years. Although rough and barely hanging on sometimes, I still have my LIFE.

So, I want to do some fun and educational things that I haven't done. Some of the things on this list you will not believe I haven't done or tried.  LOL! I admit, I've lived a very closed off life for awhile. Here we go:

-Try a professional shellac or gel manicure
-Get regular pedicures( at least every three weeks)
-Buy and try a new high end mascara
-Try Chipotle( let me know what to eat there in the comments!!)
-Make sangria
-Wear my natural hair out
-Have some fun with my natural hair
-Find two short wigs
-Make compound butter
-Make potato salad
-Buy a grill
-Make ice coffee
-Make an "adult" Popsicles
-Find the perfect orange lipstick

So far, I'm good with this list, but if something else wonderful to try or do comes up, I'll add it. Maybe I'll start a summer journal just for my experiences like some people travel journal.

So what are your plans for the summer, big or small? Let me know in the comments!!