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Things About me...

Friday, April 07, 2006

-I have a half sister but we are both only children
-I have set of fraternal twin boys.
-They have eight teeth a piece
-That doesn't stop them from eating cornbread
-i own like 80 fragrances
-I wear white tanks under everything
-I miss my friends alot
-But I if spend too much time with them I don't miss them.
-I have the Woods curse ( big hips, small waist)
-I have the Simuel curse( big boobs after having kids)
-My favorite colors are blue and white but NOT together!
-My favorite designer is Tracy Reese
-I own abt 70 books on Beauty and Fashion
-I've won a Lucky Magazine Lucky Breaks
-I majored in History and double minored in Policial Science and African American Studies
-I'm proud of my education
-Love Ballad by LTD in my favorite song
-I own like 100 lip glosses
-Most them are the same color( some color of pink or bronzy brown)
-I win something on Ebay at least once a week
-Ebay,Starbucks and are my addictions
-I miss my Granny soooooo much!
-My kids father is one of my best friends but he is not be trusted.
-I hate getting my hair,nails done,waxed or anything i can do my self and not pay someone.
-I wish i had eyelashes like my youngest twin "Brownie" AKA Kelton
-I'm complusive abt the clarity and smoothness of my skin( face and body)
-I'm a product JUNKIE(thought you knew!)