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Union's Next Top Model!

Friday, April 14, 2006

Yep,that's me. One of my favorite little boutique's in my hometown( well,my only boutique i like) asked me to model in there Wednesday's ad that they put in the paper. The owner,Ms.Sherry, sells great bags, shoes, accessories, clothes, and home stuff for crack head prices. I've told her if she was in a bigger city she would be sold out in hours. I mean $15 steve maddens, $25 Bebe purses, Banana Republic shirts, tons of trendy jewerly. But some folks thinks she's high. I drop at least $100 every two weeks. People around here think your rich. I got Coach wristlets that cost more than that. But I love her "little city in of field". I'll try to get some pictures of the store for you all later. Ain't I cute!