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Dear Dawn...

Monday, June 19, 2006

Dear Dawn of Making the Band 3, ( second from the right)

Congrats, girl on making that band! I'm pretty sure you girls are going to be awesome however I have a issue at hand with you. Your skin is shiny mess. First of all don't let any producer,director, or makeup artist EVER let you go on camera looking like crisco exploded on your face. You are to pretty for that ish! And I know oily skin is no one's fault and I'm not a dermatologist or anything. But I do know something about shine are a few suggestions on keeping your t-zone from being that more than the price of oil:

Wash with Philosophy's Purity Made Simple.

Tone with Molton Brown's Skinbalance Toning Lotion

Mask with mark.Healthy Shots Lemon Purifying Mask

Prep before applying foundation with Smashbox Photo Finish

Apply foundation by Maybelline called Pure Makeup

And Blot ALL DAY with Boscia Blotting Linens

I hope that these work for you. You have to keep up with your face since you are now a celebrity.Good Luck,ma!




Anonymous said... we were thinking the same thing huh? why is it that the sister had to have the jacked up skin and weave? she looked the worst. i felt bad for her situation, but that happened before she even made the band! what a disgrace! i hope she reads this somehow. great post!