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Confessions of Birthday Hater

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I have a confession to make:
My birthday is Saturday and I hate my birthday. Not because I'm getting older(I'll be 29) but I always get my hopes up to have a great day and it doesn't turn out that way. Now I'm not the one to have parties for myself or hope that someone will throw me one or ask my friends and family for ridiculous things like out of town trips and dinners they can't afford or gifts I don't need. I just want my family and my sanity to be intact. Last year right before my birthday my dad was diagnosed with cancer. 2004: my children were preemies in Neonatal Intensive Care. 2003: spent the entire day alone. 2002: my boyfriend at time and I were on the outs. 2001: I was working the entire day. 2000: my best friend got married on my birthday.Sounds like the millenium won't give me a break.:) But there is good news.I'm planning a Sephora haul with any birthday money I get, I don't have to work, and going to Kanpai of Spartanburg with my mom and children for lunch. So there is light it the end of the birthday tunnel.



Marcy on 8:08 PM said...

Sounds like you'll get at least a bit of birthday fun. =) I just had my birthday on sept 13th.

Anonymous said...

i hate birthdays for that same reason! you always get your hopes up and something happens...i usually have to work all day or something. and for two years in a row i've had to cheer at a basketball game that night at a place three hours away (eating mcdonald's for dinner instead of the cheesecake factory)